Decoding the Dairy Dilemma: India’s Milk Discrepancy

This week the government of India has released the long awaited Household Consumption Expenditure Survey (HCES) 2022-23. The survey has covered the whole of the Indian Union except a few inaccessible villages in the Andaman and Nicobar Islands. Information in the survey has been collected from 8,723 villages and 6,115 urban blocks spread over the entire […]

Infant is a little bit of heaven sent down to earth-Lets save them

The Food Safety and Standards Authority of India (FSSAI) recently approved amendments to food safety regulations, eliminating the need for Bureau of Indian Standards (BIS) or Agmark certifications for food products. The move aligns with the “One Nation, One Commodity, One Regulator” concept, streamlining certification processes for food businesses and fostering a more business-friendly environment. […]

My smiles are as fake as your promises-Lakhpati Didi

Today, on February 1, 2024, our country’s budget has been announced. Given that 2024 is an election year, an interim budget has been presented, subject to review by the elected government in the latter half of the year. Recently, I came across news indicating that by December 2023, India might have only utilized 45% of […]

I like the dreams of the future better than the history of the past

“I find inspiration in Thomas Jefferson’s quote, ‘I like the dreams of the future better than the history of the past.’ It encourages me to embrace a forward-looking mindset and actively contribute to positive change. Now, let’s delve into the potential double whammy in the weather forecast and its implications for India’s climatic conditions.” In […]

Reflections on the Dairy Industry: 5 Valuable Lessons Learned in 2023

On the inaugural day of 2024, I reflect on the significant insights gained from the past year. It was a uniquely challenging year marked by the consistent availability of milk, leading to an unprecedented surplus in dairy commodity stocks that continues to grow. The relatively colder climate, coupled with summer showers, posed challenges to the […]

Role of milk in India’s Food system to combat malnourishment

Today is world’s Food day. World Food Day is celebrated on October 16 each year. On Monday this year, the world will celebrate World Food Day 2023, which encourages action for the future of food, people, and the environment and awareness of hunger. For this year, the theme of World Food Day is – Water is life, water […]

Unlocking India’s Dairy Export Potential: Challenges and Focus

I had the privilege of attending the annual alumni meet at NDRI Karnal on September 30th, a nostalgic event where we reunite with our seniors, juniors, and, most importantly, our classmates. During this gathering, I had the honor of delivering a presentation on the state of dairy exports in India, in the presence of esteemed […]

G20 summit – What’s in it for farmers and dairying in India ?

The G20 summit held successfully on September 9-10th in New Delhi was a momentous occasion for our nation, as we had the privilege of hosting global leaders on our home soil. A government press release disclosed the total expenditure for this summit, amounting to a substantial Rs 4100 Crores. In comparison, Indonesia’s expenditure for the […]

“Unveiling Food Safety Quandary: From ‘Tigers’ to Toxic Khoa”

Last week, I had the opportunity to watch the movie “Tigers,” starring Emraan Hashmi. This powerful film sheds light on a distressing tale involving infant formula manufactured by a multinational company. The product wreaked havoc on the lives of innocent infants living in the slums of our neighbouring country. The issue at hand was not […]

Transforming Dairy Sector: Growth, Inclusion, Sustainability

oday, India is celebrating its 77th independence day. The entire nation has rallied together with renewed determination to achieve developed nation status by the year 2047. India has a unique distinction of trebling its milk production capacity and doubling its per capita milk availability every 25 years. We are looking at around 650 Mill MT […]