In 2023 Focus on weekly shifts than annual forecast

The new year 2023 has arrived. It did not take our permission to roll in. Same is true with our life. It just happens. Each moment , life is happening to us. Still we try to plan for it. We miss every moment in life while planning for some good moments in future. We are […]

It is never wrong to do the right thing

This blog is dedicated to women farmers of our country. This year brought lots of challenges for the dairy sector. The challenges came in other sectors too. The happenings around us are not a problem. The problem is with how we react to those happenings. It is not action but our knee jerk reaction in […]

Prevention of Cruelty to Animal Bill-More Freedom to animals than Humans

I just came across a notification to share comments on the Draft Prevention of Cruelty to Animal (Amendment) Bill. 2022 . This draft is available at the Department of Animal husbandry and dairying website The draft has around 63 amendments, insertions and omissions to the existing 1960 Act. I read through the draft and […]

Our cities thrive at the expense of our villages.. Dr V Kurien

This has been a roller coaster year for the dairy industry across the world . Indian dairy industry in particular is experiencing “a scream of excitement, exhilaration, fear and pure heaven ”. The year started with fairly good farmers prices and comparatively lower availability of milk. Russia -Ukraine war in February along with early onslaught of summer […]

Is this the right time to start profitable dairy business ?

Dairy industry is passing through an interesting phase. There has been shortage of milk and milk products even at the onset of winter . The shortage can be seen in Cream , butter and unadulterated ghee also. Apparently demand -Supply gap is the first measure for checking whether we can enter into any business or […]

Global dairy price crash bringing focus back to Indian dairy market

Next five months will play a crucial role in the Indian dairy sector. This year saw a phenomenal increase in the price of milk and milk products. The farmers also received the best milk prices for the longest duration. India has already exported more dairy products in the first six months of FY 23 than […]

0.5 Trillion ml of milk for under 5 years child is the key to 5 Trillion Economy

The Diwali festival this year is back in full swing. Diwali will see a 27 Billion USD worth of sales this year despite high inflation rates. The dairy industry has also increased the milk prices for the fourth time in this year ( three times for milk and once for fresh dairy products). Global Hunger Index is out and it […]

The most difficult part in running dairy business is to remain honest

Today we all are celebrating Dussehra as victory of good over evil. The battle of Ram and Ravana is never ending. Ravana is considered evil in Indian mythology due to his actions. However, Ravana was very learned , brave and a magnificent ruler. His ten heads actually symbolised his mastery over six shastras and four […]

The problems scale up faster than the solutions

It was like a dream becoming part of recently concluded IDF WDS 2022 in India. I was sure that if this event occurs every 48 years in India then I don’t stand any chance attending it next time. During the event Mr R S Sodhi MD GCMMF forecasted that India’s milk production is expected to jump three-fold […]